Frequently Asked Questions

Pzservers is a web platform where all public servers of project zomboid are automatically categorized and listed.

The project zomboid server browser, in addition to being very slow, offers practically no filtering options, from pzservers it is possible to filter by zone, language, country, pvp mode, roleplay, number of players, version, mods and maps.

Also, in the case of verified servers, some include the link to discord, the rules, the trailer, the logo and even an image gallery.

It is a server whose administrator has verified that he is the owner in pzservers and therefore has the ability to edit his server file and add or correct the information he wants.

Verified servers usually have more information on their file and are also featured on the list.

Yes, pzservers parses server titles and descriptions looking for indicators that define the server as Spanish, for example by putting "[ES]" or Spanish in the title, this happens with all languages.

Yes, pzservers scans titles and descriptions for indicators such as "roleplay" or "RP".

Yes, pzservers analyzes the titles and descriptions looking for indicators such as "PVP" or "PVE", since obviously not all servers add this in their title or description, the PVP filter has an "Unknown" option to be able to find servers pvp or pve not categorized.

It is not necessary to register to use pzservers, however registration offers extra features such as saving your favorites.

You can vote for servers so that they appear recommended, also next to each server you have a heart icon that allows you to save it as a favorite, this will make it appear highlighted in your list and it will also be saved in "My servers".

Yes, however you can only vote for a server once and you must also have your account linked to steam to avoid fake accounts.

No, pzservers has no commercial or contractual relationship with The Indie Stone.

No, pzservers does not host or have a relationship with the listed servers.

Pzservers extracts the information from the servers directly from steam, if your server is not listed as public in the game client, it will not appear in pzservers either, so make sure that your server is configured as public, also, if it has not been 24 hours since you created the server you may have to wait a bit for the pzservers robot to find it.

If you verify your server in pzservers, it will automatically appear highlighted in the list, it will have a tick and a green background that will attract the attention of users.

In addition, you will be able to edit your server file, adding, logo, discord, website, photos, videos, rules and being able to modify the description or the language of the server itself.

As if that were not enough, as a verified server you will be provided with a url from your control panel so that you can invite your community to vote for your server, each vote will provide you with a featured day as a recommended server on the pzservers homepage.

To verify yourself as the owner of the server, the first thing you must do is register, once registered, go to your server file and you will see a button "verify my server", from here you will be provided with a url that you must put in the official description from your project zomboid server, when pzservers detects that url in the server description it will be automatically verified for you.

Yes, but first you must verify your server so that we know that you are the owner.